Patient Success Stories

Low Back Pain

I began receiving care from Dr. Ryland Weum because I wanted to improve my low back pain and increase my sports performance. Coming from being a professional football player and current Ironman I know all to well the stress that sports puts on your body. Once I began care at Trilogy Chiropractic, I noticed a immediate relief of my low back pain and my sports performance soared through the roof.

Dr. Ryland Weum performed the most detailed history, examination, and personalized treatment I have ever had. He told me about the true cause of my pain and put me on a structured program to wellness care.

If anyone wonders who is the best chiropractor around, I will always recommend Dr. Ryland Weum. Simply stated, I do not settle for second best, and Dr. Ryland Weum is second to none!

Great Chiropractor

I have been treated by chiropractors since age 8. While being treated by Dr. Ryland Weum, I can honestly say that his technique and knowledge rivaled the most experienced chiropractors I have visited. Dr. Ryland Weum’s ability to effectively identify and treat problems is extremely impressive. Dr. Ryland Weum treated me using deep muscle work combined with smooth but powerful adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Ryland Weum to anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor!

Thanks Dr. Ryland Weum!

Headaches & Migraines

Before I started treatment, I was having frequent headaches and migraines. I had limited range of motion in my neck, which was starting to affect my work. Because of all the discomfort and headaches, I was feeling really down and “foggy”.

My headaches and migraines have significantly reduced both in frequency and intensity. I immediately started feeling more alert and re-energized once I started treatment. My neck and lower back have improved and continue to do so each week. I am increasingly aware of my posture throughout the day and now realize the importance of maintaining proper posture in my line of work.

Thank you Dr. Ryland Weum

Neck & Shoulder Pain

My neck and right shoulder were almost completely immobile and painful. Om my first visit, Dr. Ryland Weum did an adjustment and relieved BOTH the lack of motion and completely cut the pain out!!! Since then my flexibility and strength has gotten better. Before the treatments my body was always stiff and I had numbness in my arms in the mornings.

At this point, I am pain free 98% of the time and my range of motion in my spine and neck has gotten far better. All my numbness is gone and I am no longer stiff. I look forward to the visits every time to maintain the gain we have achieved. Dr. Ryland Weum has been great not only as a professional but on a personal level as well. He listens to my/ your issues and will do all he can to make sure these is improvement in more than one way!

Thank you Dr. Ryland Weum.

Weight Loss

When you get to a place in your life where you have tried everything possible to lose weight but still fail you get very depressed. That’s where I was back in June 2012. I was miserable due to the 7 back surgeries in the past and now being obese with no hope in sight devastated me. At this point, I had already tried just about every diet and I received negative results from all of them. So where can I person like me go? I had already written my will and obituary as well as what I wanted said about me at my funeral. I had everything ready to go in an envelope for my wife to have easy access to when I died. I didn’t want to kill myself but I knew that I could not live long under these circumstances.

I happened to see a commercial about burning fat so I thought “why not”? I attended the free seminar and I reluctantly agreed to start a 12 Week Hormone Balancing Program as I had nothing to lose. Any diet costs less than a funeral.

After the first 2 weeks I could see and feel a difference. I was not hungry, craving, binge eating, and my constant gas and burping went away. I was beside myself with joy! I continued the program religiously and I looked forward to my appointments. I looked at it as an investment for my future and I would never cheat on an investment so I developed a “No Cheating” attitude early in the diet. At the end of my 12 weeks program, I had lost 55 pounds, 8 ½ inches from my waist, and went from a 48 inch pant to a 40. I can wear most of my old clothes now and I hope to be back into my 38 inch pants and suits very soon.

In addition to the physical aspect of the diet, I have also experienced mental changes as well. Week by week I became a different person as my mental state changed completely. I no longer hate life. Speak of death as a friend, or am miserable. I LOVE life! My friends and family have noticed and commented on the changes as well. I feel like I am a much better person and anyone reading this can be too. Just stick to the diet and DON’T CHEAT!

What’s next you might ask? Well, I have learned how to eat better and live a healthier life. My lifestyle has changed and I will continue to stick to the diet. My goal was to lose 50 pounds and now I have more energy than I have ever had. I am working toward my goal weight of 200 pounds. I know without a doubt that I can do it now. My arthritis went away 2 months on the diet and I no longer have pain in my hips and knees. I have stopped taking my blood pressure and depression medications as I no longer need them.
If anyone reading this feels the same way I did, then you need to get in touch with Dr.Ryland Weum and his staff. Remember, doing nothing does not work, but choosing something that does, is the only way you will win. Choose something that is a proven winner so you can be the next testimonial. I’m glad I did!

Thank you for a better life Dr. Ryland Weum.

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Patient Success Stories

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